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Stoughton, WI

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The city of Stoughton is historic in the state of Wisconsin. Just 15 miles south of Madison, it is a destination site for many tourists seeking out arts and entertainment. The Stoughton Opera house is the oldest story theater in the Midwest. There are many art galleries and a great variety of places to celebrate and participate in the arts in the city of Stoughton.

The city of Stoughton is a family community, and many choose to live here and commute to the city for work. Travel time is convenient due to Stoughton’s location. With so many things to do, and the busy lives that families already have with work and school and child activities, who wants to spend time on the weekends or in the evenings cleaning the house?

This is where Touch of Europe Cleaning Services is proud to help.

Cleaning Services You Can Trust

No matter when our cleaning teams come into your home, you can rest assured they are respectable and trustworthy individuals.

Touch of Europe provides all the cleaning equipment and cleaning products needed to clean your home or office. We are committed to only using non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for use around children and pets.

Cleaning Services Offered By Touch of Europe

We offer many cleaning services to the residents and business owners in the city of Stoughton. 

Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Move In/ Move Out Services

Our cleaning teams are highly trained, both individually and as a team. We provide all of our teams with cleaning equipment and cleaning products, so you will never have to worry about a broken vacuum or running out of a cleaning product before our visits. 

There will be no time wasted when our cleaning teams are in your home or office. Since we provide the teams with all the equipment and products needed, you never have to stress about being out of cleaner or a cleaning appliance breaking. 

We offer commercial cleaning in Stoughton for business offices on daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules.

Dust all furniture and wall hangings

Dust computers

Sanitize telephone handset

Empty trash and replace liner

General straightening and organizing of lobbies

Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms

Vacuuming all floors

Mopping or scrubbing all hard floor.

Touch of Europe is also proud to offer customized house cleaning in Stoughton on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedule. We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to each client.


Dust cobwebs

Dust baseboards

Dust windows sills
Clean/disinfect countertops
Clean microwave inside/outside
Clean stove top
Wipe down cabinets/hardware
Wipe handles and light switches
Clean outside of appliances
Polish stainless steel appliances
Clean outside and polish stainless steel refrigerator
Clean table and chairs
Clean and sanitize sinks & faucet
Vacuum and wash floors
Empty trash and replace liner

All Living Area

Clean window sills
Dust cobwebs
Dust baseboards
Dust furniture/shelves
Dust picture and décor.
Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans and vents

Dust blinds

Dust electronics and television screen.

Vacuum carpets/area rugs.

Empty wastebasket

Clean/polish table and chairs
Vacuum/mop hard floors
Vacuum carpets/area rugs
Empty trash and replace liner


Dust cobwebs
Dust baseboards
Clean/sanitize sinks
Clean/sanitize tubs,
Clean/sanitize shower,
Clean/sanitize toilet
Clean mirrors and glass
Clean and polish fixtures
Dust light fixtures
Vacuum and Wash floors
Wipe outside cabinets and drawers
Empty trash and replace liner

Additional Services

Deep cleaning
Clean inside refrigerator
Clean inside oven
Clean inside windows
Clean inside cabinets
Sweep the garage (it needs to be empty)

Our move in/move out service in Stoughton is second to none. If you have bought an existing home and want to make sure it receives a deep clean before moving all of your things in, call Touch of Europe. If you are selling your home this can be a benefit to you as well, especially if you move out of your home before it sells. A deep move out clean can help potential buyers see themselves in your home.

Partnership with Cleaning For a Reason

We believe in giving to those in need, and for that reason we have partnered with Cleaning For A Reason. This non-for-profit serves women who are battling cancer. We donate two hours per month per patient of cleaning. Women who are fighting cancer deserve a clean and comfortable environment to recover in.

Our customer service is top notch. We want our clients’ feedback and if there is ever anything wrong with your cleaning that does not leave you 100% satisfied, we will come back and reclean that area until we get it right.

Touch of Europe has a customer service team that is knowledgeable and ready to discuss with you a customized plan for your home or office. Call us today for your complimentary quote!

after disinfectant fogging service

We also offer move in/out services in Cottage Grove. These are very popular for clients moving into an existing home, wanting to make sure the home is spotless before moving in. If you are a realtor who is selling a home, and your clients have already moved out, our deep clean will surely help get the house bought and off the market in no time!

Our customer service team is ready to book your first cleaning today. Touch of Europe Cleaning Company looks forward to serving you, your family, and your business in Cottage Grove.

Book Your Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning in Madison, WI today!